‘Kiss me back, p—y’: Lesnar in bizarre behind the curtain fight at SummerSlam

‘Kiss me back, p—y’: Lesnar in bizarre behind the curtain fight at SummerSlam
Brock Lesnar’s ended his in shape at WWE’s SummerSlam on Sunday night time by way of blurring the road among fake wrestling and actual MMA fighting, and matters took a turn closer to the surreal when Lesnar advised an angry Chris Jericho to “kiss me lower back, p—y.”
Jericho confronted the element-time UFC fighter behind the curtain after Lesnar battled Randy Orton in a really over-the-top healthy.
Toward the stop of the bout, Lesnar took down Orton, installed him, and commenced smashing him with MMA-style elbows.
The brutal attack opened a gash on Orton’s head that compelled the referee to prevent the in shape. But Lesnar wasn’t done. After being introduced the winner by TKO, he persevered to attack Orton until Smackdown’s popular supervisor Shane McMahon ran all the way down to the hoop to prevent the thrashing.
While it's miles absolutely viable the bloody finishing become a part of the fight’s fictional storyline, Jericho notion Lesnar had gone off script, so he rushed to the gorilla function — the staging region backstage wherein wrestlers wait to go into the ring — to test on Orton and confront Lesnar.
Jericho reportedly asked everyone he may want to find if Lesnar’s violence become scripted, but he didn’t get a definitive answer. Just as Lesnar entered the behind the scenes place, Jericho loudly stated, “That’s bulls–t,” consistent with F4WOnline.Com.
Lesnar concept Jericho’s observation was aimed directly at him and told the smaller wrestler that his healthy towards Orton turned into none of his business.
Lesnar’s verbal jab set Jericho off, and he ran over to confront the tremendous brute head to head.
But as the five-foot-10 Jericho got near the hulking, 6-foot-2 Lesnar, the larger man leaned down, kissed Jericho on the top and stated, “Kiss me again, p—y,” in keeping with ProWreslingSheet.Com.
Amazingly, Jericho didn’t back off and in fact got closer to Lesnar, butting towards him, brow to forehead.
Lesnar became unperturbed and along with his fingers in the back of his lower back informed Jericho: “Hit me or kiss me, b—h.”
At this point, other wrestlers and WWE personnel, along with Triple H, rushed in to split the two guys. Lesnar and Jericho persevered to jaw at every other, and none other than Vince McMahon rushed behind the curtain to pull Lesnar far from the disagreement.
Jericho persevered ranting approximately Lesnar’s violence, however McMahon and Triple H reportedly quieted him down by assuring him Orton became in on everything and knew that the bloody elbows were coming.
Whether Jericho offered McMahon and Triple H’s tale is not clean, however he was lower back inside the ring on Monday night time on “Raw” and lost to Roman Reigns.